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Take advantage of our property experience throughout all stages of the business cycle to deliver stronger investment returns.

Whether you’re looking for positive rental returns or capital gains, we can help achieve your client’s investment requirements, including direct property purchases.

Orion is an REIQ Member Agency led by McKenzie (Mac) Read an experienced property investor and well versed in the process of setting up a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) and the ongoing administration and auditing requirements. A fully licensed real estate agent, Mac oversees all aspects of the property investment process for his clients and clients of financial planners, accountants, super fund administrators and other affiliates.

Our property selection process is based on recognised research as well as stringent criteria, with expert assistance available at every step.

Talk to us about how you can maximise property returns, including through SMSFs. For overseas buyers, we have an established relationship with a leading law firm for investors using Australia’s Sophisticated Investor Visa.

Contact us now and receive a “Complimentary Financial Investment Analysis Report” on the general cost of an investment in one of our chosen properties. This is a generic analysis and a more specific analysis can be requested and provided in relation to you or your client’s individual circumstances. An up-to-date analyst report on the currrent market is also available.


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